Day Two in Daryl Black Murder Trial

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Tuesday marks day two in the murder trial of Daryl Black.

Prosecutors say the 19-year-old Callaway man shot Woodrow Cherry III after an argument, over money owed, got out of hand.

The defendant's friend, Chassidy Turner said Tuesday, "I looked at Eric and he was shaking. He was about to cry. I looked at Daryl and he was fine. I asked Eric what's going on and he said he thinks Daryl has killed Woodrow."

Turner's words kept the courtroom in silence, as she described what she says happened on April 16th, the day she says Daryl Black shot Woodrow Cherry after an argument over money turned violent.

"I guess Woodrow asked him if he had any [indecipherable] and Daryl got mad and he snapped and shot him,” she said.

Turner was Eric Baker's girlfriend at the time; the man who she says helped Black get away.

"He unloaded the bullets and put them in a glass bowl on my TV, and he began wiping the gun off," she said.

Turner says Baker and Black went back to her house, driving her car, after Black shot Cherry.

She also said both told her what happened and Black even gave her a dollar bill as evidence of the crime.

"He handed it to me and said, 'hang it on the wall for a souvenir’," she said.

The defense claims her testimony is made up, to help her former boyfriend get an easier sentence for his crimes on April 16th.

Both sides made it clear, Turner initially withheld information and possibly evidence in the days following the crime.

She said she feared for her life, which is why it took weeks for her to tell the entire truth.