Destin Beach Restoration

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The beach renourishment project that stretches between western Walton County and East Destin will begin again this weekend, but only in Walton County.

Beaches in Destin will have to wait.

The project started almost a year ago but work stopped after the deaths of several sea turtles and some legal issues came up.

Now the equipment is back on the beaches, but the dredging company in charge of the project says they will only have time to finish the part of the project up to the Walton County line.

They say they will return in March or April to complete the rest of the project.

The two and a half miles of Destin beach wouldn't be finished until at least the end of May. That means the beaches would be under construction during the beginning of tourist season, spring break, turtle nesting season, and maybe the beginning of hurricane season.

Destin city council members say they fear the timing will cause major problems, but they agree that it would take even longer to finding a new dredging company, so they say they are stuck waiting.