Day Three in Daryl Black Murder Trial

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On Wednesday, jurors in the Daryl Black murder trial heard a taped interview of Black blaming someone else for killing his cousin, Woodrow Cherry.

Black is accused of murdering Cherry in April, during a robbery.

"We saw the smoke. Like smoke coming from his window. It was like a big ball of smoke coming from his windows,” Black said, telling investigators what he saw just hours after 22-year-old Woodrow Cherry lost his life.

Black says he was following Cherry on the road when a brief stop turned deadly.

Investigators asked Black “Was anybody in the car with him?”

Black answered, “There wasn’t anybody in the car with him."

However, Rick Ramey, an investigator with the Bay County Sheriff's Office testified, on Wednesday. His story didn't add up. And, after talking to Sheriff Frank McKeithen, Black had more to say.

Investigators asked Black, “You say that you saw someone running from the car?

Black said, “Right.”

Black was then asked, “Who did you see running from the car?

Black responded, “Kenny Junior.”

The investigator clarifies, “Okay, is that Kenny Williams Junior?”

Black says, “That's right.”

Black says Kenny Williams Junior, a mutual acquaintance with both he and Woodrow Cherry had a problem with Cherry.

Investigators asked Black, “What would Kenny Williams Junior, what would his motivations be in doing this?”

Black said, “Because him and Woodrow hit Travis Willow from St. Joe for $30,000 dollars. And Woodrow took all the money."

However, there is one problem: Black says he did meet with Cherry, at night, on April 16th and he didn't see Williams in the car.

“So the only way Kenny could have been in the vehicle is if he was in there when you were in there with him. Correct,” asked investigators.

Black responded, “Yeah, laying down on the floor board or something, cause, I just got in for simply, like, eight seconds.”

And, that wasn't the only testimony the prosecution used to further their case.

Patrick Franklin shared a jail cell with Daryl Black in the hours following the shooting.

He told the court Wednesday, that Black held little back when they where together. “He said, after he shot him, he placed it up in park,” he said. “He talked about how, when he shot him the first time, his head went sideways. He said after that, he just unloaded the gun.”

The defense tried to cast doubt on Patrick Franklin’s testimony, saying he has been jailed 23-times and is trying to cut a deal for his own case.

Prosecutors plan to put the victim's girlfriend on the stand Thursday morning.

Although they've been referred to as cousins, it is unclear if Cherry and Black were actually blood relations.