Decem-brrrrr in Panama City

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Friday will be our coldest night so far this fall and winter. Therefore, it's imperative that you protect your pets, your plants, your pipes, and don't forget about people, especially the elderly and homeless.

The Panhandle could see record-low temperatures this weekend.

The National Weather Service is forecasting a low of 26 degrees for Saturday morning in Panama City, with inland areas much colder.

Now is the time to winterize your home, especially pipes.

Pat Muth of Muth & Sons Plumbing explains, "If you don't protect your pipes, if they're not insulated, if you don't leave your water running, then they will freeze and that gets real expensive, real fast."

Muth says to leave your outside pipes running at a fast drip to prevent a large plumbing bill, and insulating isn't as hard as it sounds.

"You can use your old rags and tape or string,” Muth says. “Anything that will keep those out of the direct cold is the idea. Newspapaer is good; old rags, but make sure they're covered."

Another item to cover: your plants.

If you can't bring them indoors, experts recommend a frost blanket to protect them.

The large 300-foot blanket will set you back $100 bucks.

Another tip?

"Plants need to be well hydrated going into a cold snap like this,” says Rebecca Cutshaw with Home Depot. “The ground around the plants, the plant itself needs to be well hydrated."

Pets also need extra care during the cold.

Be sure to bring them inside, and cover them in blankets, too.

Liz Young with the Humane Society of Bay County says, "Treat them like a family member. You would not want your child out in the cold, and that's part of your family. Treat it the same way you would with your children."

The Panama City Rescue Mission is doing its part to help shelter Bay County's homeless during the frigid temperatures.

Amanda Bawn with Panama City Rescue Mission said Friday, "All bets are off. If someone needs to come and stay at the Rescue Mission for shelter, we don't ask any questions."

Rescue Mission workers are hitting the streets again, with Operation Warm Heart.

They’ll find the area's homeless people, hand out hot coffee and encourage them to come to the shelter.

They can also pick-up warm clothing and blankets.

If you would like to help out, you can drop off blankets, warm clothing and coats at the Rescue Mission.

For more information, call the Rescue Mission at 769-0783.