Area Robbery/Shooting Probed

Jackson County sheriff’s investigators are still looking for clues surrounding an early morning home invasion robbery and shooting that left a greenwood man in critical condition.

It happened at around two a.m. Saturday morning at 5185 Russell Street in Greenwood.

Jackson County sheriff’s deputies say they received a 9-1-1 call saying someone at the home had been shot. An unknown person went into the house while the residents were asleep and attempting to rob them.

39-year-old Mark Reed woke up to a masked man standing in his bedroom holding a gun. Reed was shot while reaching for a firearm to protect himself. But he was able to chase the robber out of his home.

Reed was transported to Southeast Alabama Medical Center in Dothan. He underwent surgery, and has been transferred to the critical care unit.

The Jackson Correctional Institution K-9 team, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement crime lab has searched the crime scene for clues about who the robber is.

If you have any information about this crime, contact the Jackson County sheriff s office at 482-9624. Or you can call Marianna Crime-stoppers at 526-5000.