Boot Camp Building Update

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After months of back and forth it looks like the Department of Juvenile Justice and Bay County Staff will soon have a compromise on what will be done with the now debunk Bay County juvenile boot camp facility.

For months now the two have been in a gridlock because the county owns the land and the DJJ owns the actual building. It was decided Monday that the county staff will make a proposal to the county commissioners.

If commissioners approve they'll take the proposal to the DJJ. Those attending the meeting say the facility will serve a youth-based need.

Katherine Zahner of Bay County Community Outreach said, "There was largely a discussion of needs for the facility, both state and local youth service needs, and basically there was an agreement made that that needs to be used for youth services."

We're told guardian ad litem or teen court could use the building. They expressed interest in the facility early on because they have a need for the space.

The proposal should go before the commission within a month.