City Commissioner Voting

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In 1985, a federal court ordered Panama City officials to change the way they elect people to the city commission. Since that court ruling, only the people living in a particular ward could vote for the candidates running for that ward seat. Now Panama City Mayor Lauren DeGeorge wants to change the way the city votes.

Currently the city operates under single-member district voting and it helps minorities receive fair representation. Panama city commissioners will be discussing at-large voting during Tuesday’s commission meeting.

DeGeorge placed the item on the agenda, saying she wants to go back to at-large voting. She says the system would hold commissioners more accountable and give them a broader perspective for the city.

"It's just better for the people. Rather than have one commissioner for issues and concerns, we'll have five that they can call, because I hear complaints quite often, well my commissioner will never call me back. Now they'll have 4 more to contact," says Degeorge.

The commission will meet Tuesday night at 5:00.