Area Man Will Star in "Dateline: To Catch a Predator"

A Walton County man, who is also a police officer in Florala, Alabama, will be appearing on an NBC prime time program early next year. But it's probably not the kind of appearance he'll be telling his friends to watch.

Todd Spikes is one of the latest men to get caught in NBC Dateline's “To Catch a Predator” segment.

Flagler Beach police, south of Jacksonville, arrested 41-year-old Todd Spikes Sunday. Correspondent Chris Hansen and his crew from Dateline were waiting inside a home.

Investigators say Spikes traveled all the way from his home in Defuniak Springs to have a sexual encounter with what he thought was an underage child he'd met over the Internet. It was actually an undercover operative posing as a child.

Flagler Beach investigators say Spikes never made it inside. He stopped in front of the home, and then drove away. Officers stopped him a few blocks away.

They searched his vehicle, and found a number of firearms including an assault rifle, a shotgun and 3-or-4 handguns. They also found some rope and a bunch of camping gear.

It turns out Spikes is a police officer with the Florala police department.

Florala Police Chief Bruce Maddox issued a statement regarding the arrest. He says Officer Maddox has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of the Flagler Beach police investigation, and the possible court case in Flagler County.

Chief Maddox went on to say it would be inappropriate for him to comment about spike's case, other than to say he applauds Flagler Beach's efforts to stop Internet predators, but he regrets their efforts touched the Florala, Alabama police department and the community so close to home.

Spikes is facing 5-charges including attempted lewd & lascivious conduct, lewd & lascivious exhibition, computer pornography and transmission of harmful material to a minor.

The Dateline NBC segment featuring Spikes is due to air in March.