5-Month-Old Baby Maely Fights For Survival

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CHIPLEY-- UPDATE Monday, 3:19 p.m.:

According to their Facebook page and confirmed through other media, NewsChannel 7 has learned that baby Maely White died Monday morning.

The five month old girl struggled everyday from an undiagnosed illness.

If you would like to donate to the family, account information can be found on the Facebook page "Prayer Chain for Maely."

The Chipley community turned out in full force Friday afternoon to help a five month old baby who is fighting for her life. They were raising money for Maely White, who is suffering from an undiagnosed illness.

Maely's parents are still searching for answers. Five month old baby Maela has been fighting for her life since the day she was born back in March.

Her mother Kristy has been with her every step of the way. "I think that's just part of being a mom you do everything to fight for your child," said Maely's mother Kristy Aycock.

Doctors all over the state are at a loss as to what's wrong with Maely. She suffers from breathing problems and seizures and has to be tube fed. Kristy said she's had just about every problem and every test, but still no answers.

"The first time I held her was the most amazing feeling because I didn't even think she was going to live five hours when she was born," said Aycock.

Kristy said her neighbors give her strength to continue fighting the battle. Gulf Power is just one of several companies who have come out in help of Maely.

"A baby that's 5-months-old in the medical condition that she's in, you just can't help but want to help them," said local Gulf Power manager Darrin Wall.

The fight is also costly, but Kristy said community members have been so generous. "The first week we were at Shand's we had someone put in $100 dollars every week."

That's why community members are organizing events like Friday's fundraiser. They went through more than 300 pounds of hamburger meat in the first hour of Friday's cook-out."

"I think it's part of living in a small town, people come together," adds Aycock.

To donate to Maely White visit the families Facebook page "Prayer Chain for Maely."

There you will find more information on the benefit bank account set up by Wells Fargo. From there you can go to Wells Fargo's webpage and enter in the account info to make a donation.