$20 Million Lotto Winner

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One lucky person has matched all six Florida lotto numbers, winning $20 million.

The special ticket was bought at the express lane gas station on Highway 77 in the Sand Hills area. In a small town like sand hills, everyone is pumped about the news.

"My husband double-checked ours and it wasn't none of us. We were hoping. I'm hoping it's somebody I know because I need some money."

New found cash seems to bring a lot more friends.

"If I find out who it belongs to, I'm gonna become their newest best friend."

Some guys think they have privileged information.

"It was one of our friends that actually won it, and he told us not to tell anyone."

"I ain't gonna ask for nothing; I just hopes he comes on back to work."

Although their pal didn't actually win the $20 million, he did give the men something to gossip about by not showing up for work since Saturday. But who ever does have the winning ticket, your "friends" are waiting.

The winning Florida Lottery numbers from Saturday are 8-14-15-16-18-26. One person matched all six numbers for the big jackpot and 144 tickets matched five numbers, winning over $4000.

No one has claimed the money as of yet, but most everyone is pumped having a neighbor win and share the big bucks.