Who Gets $20 Million?

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Three days after the numbers for the Florida Lotto Jackpot were drawn, there is still no word from a winner.

The winning ticket was bought at the Express Lane Gas Station on Highway 77 in the Sand Hills area.

The winner might be looking for some answers before claiming the big bucks.

Business is booming as usual at the Express Lane.

Local people are anxious to find out who bought the winning Florida Lotto ticket, but station attendants say they have no way of knowing.

The winning ticket could belong to someone living in a local Sand Hills home or it could belong to an out-of-towner who bought the ticket while passing through.

Winning the lottery can be overwhelming and some people might seek legal advice.

Winners do have some choices. You can either take all the money at once or receive 30-annual installments.

Local Attorney Doug Smith says, "It would make sense to have an accountant look at that and say it would make more sense to take the lump sum or invest it or maybe it wouldn't."

Twenty-five percent of the winnings go to the IRS for federal with-holding taxes.

Another issue causing concern from winners is unwanted publicity.

"If it's a big win, the lottery probably wants to advertise it to encourage other people to play the lottery, but sometimes people might wanna’ maintain a sense of privacy."

Cindy Hutchinson says she'd probably get guidance if she ever hit it big. "If you're not careful, you could, ya know handle that money unwisely. So, it's important to make plans and know what you're gonna’ do with it."

The winner has 60-days to claim the jackpot in order to receive the one-time lump sum.

However, if no one claims the money after 100 days, 80-percent goes to the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund, which funds the Bright Future Scholarships, and 20-percent goes into the jackpot for future drawings.

The Florida Lotto will have another drawing Wednesday night.

There is a $3 million dollar jackpot up for grabs, so choose your numbers carefully.