Annual Deerpoint Drawdown Begins

Beginning this week, Deerpoint Lake homeowners will get a chance to do a little maintenance work on their docks and boat slips.

Bay County began its annual winter drawdown of the water level in Deerpoint lake Tuesday. Every winter, since 2000, the county has initiates the 45-day drawdown to expose aquatic weeds to colder temperatures and kill them.

The weeds can overtake the lake and kill the marine life. It’s important to control the weeds because Deerpoint lake is the county’s main drinking water source.

The county will halt the drawdown if there appears to be any type of threat to the water supply.

Lisa Shaw is a Watershed Specialist. "It’s a good time to remove aquatic weeds from in front of your property and also do repair to docks. We recommend you get the proper permits and info you need from the Department of of Enviromental Protection.”

The 45-day drawdown will end February 16th. If you have any questions about aquatic plant removal contact the Florida Department of Environmental Protection at 245-2809.