Crist Wants Premiums Lowered

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Gov. Charlie Crist says his highest priority for the coming special session on insurance reform is to lower your homeowners’ premiums.

Lawmakers return to Tallahassee the week of January 16th to tackle the state’s insurance crisis.

Crist says he’ll be releasing his recommendations in a few days, but reducing insurance costs is at the top of the list.

“We will put the full force of this office, in cooperation with the members of the legislature, to do exactly that, to lower those rates. All we can do is give it our best effort. I’m an old quarterback, and you always want to get in the end zone on every drive. You don’t always get in the end zone on every single drive, but by golly, you better try awfully hard to get there."

That may mean a repeal of some parts of the insurance reform law passed last spring that some lawmakers now believe made things worse.

Lawmakers are also considering expanding the state’s catastrophe fund, but only if insurance companies that benefit pass those savings on to customers.