Florida's Unemployment Hotline

The state’s unemployment compensation hotline is being bombarded by people seeking benefits. The call center is receiving more 14-thousand calls a day. Not everyone is getting through.

The call volume has increased over the last two weeks because of people trying to find out if they’ll receive extended benefits.

Robby Cunningham, a spokesman for the Agency for Workforce Innovation, says people need to be patient.

“The call volume remains at an all time high and Monday and Tuesday remains our busiest days. We are currently administering seven federal unemployment compensation programs above and beyond our state program so anytime we enact one of these extended benefits or these new programs the call volume dramatically increases for at least a short period of time.”

The state has already pumped out 55 million dollars in extended benefits payments to more than 30-thousand Floridians. 84-thousand applications have been received so fair. Those who qualify should receive payment by the end of next week.

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