Plane Crash Preliminary Report Reveals Very Little

The National Transportation Safety Board has made public its preliminary report on the private plane crash December 22 in southern Washington County near Greenhead.

The crash killed five people on a flight from Destin to the Bahamas.

The preliminary report revealed nothing new that wasn't already known, and it certainly is a long way off from determining what caused the plane to go down.

There is a quote from the pilot talking by radio to Tyndall when he said "we're going up and down here quite a bit." He asked for block altitude clearance from 4,000 to 6,000 feet and that was the last communication.

A property owner found the plane crash site after he went to investigate a loud noise during an intense storm. It was raining heavily and the plane apparently came down hard and fast because debris was scattered over a half mile area.

It could be a year or longer before a final NTSB report is issued.