Manslaughter Guilty Verdict

A Bay County woman, who claimed she had to kill her boyfriend because he abused her, will be going to prison.

A Bay County Circuit Court jury found 45-year-old Laurie Bartlett guilty of manslaughter.

Bartlett stabbed her live-in boyfriend, 47-year-old Ernest Lamar, with a knife last July. She originally told investigators Lamar was carrying the knife, tripped and fell, and stabbed himself in the chest.

But Bartlett later admitted she stabbed Lamar, claiming she was in an abusive relationship and there was no other way out.

It's called the Battered Spouse Syndrome defense, but the jury didn't buy it. Bartlett's attorney says she'll appeal. She’ll be sentenced on February 15. Bartlett faces a possible eight to 15 years in prison.