NAACP Leaders Hold Town Hall Meeting

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Dozens of people turned out at the Glennwood Community Center to remember Martin Lee Anderson and to evaluate the progress of the ongoing investigations.

Florida's NAACP president, Adora Obi Nwese, headlined a panel at the Town Hall meeting. Superintendent James McCalister, Panama City Commissioner Jonathan Wilson, and local Rev. Russell White also sat on the panel.

One of the purposes of the meeting was to find solutions for effectively rehabilitating juveniles who are already in the justice system.

"I want to get some feedback from the people about what they think they see here in Panama City. Then I'll be in a position to make certain recommendations."

Anderson's family and NAACP supporters say they have not received full justice for those responsible for Anderson's death.

Seven drill instructors and the boot camp nurse have been charged in the death of Martin Lee Anderson, but some believe others like Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen and Dr. Charles Siebert should also face charges.

Obi Nwese has been one of those who believes more people should be held responsible for Anderson's death.

"The position of the NAACP is that the Martin Lee Anderson case has just begun. The persons who have not been arrested indicted or anything like that, please understand when the guards and nurse were indicted, that wasn't everybody. Everybody who played a role in the death of Martin Lee Anderson should be brought the justice."

The panel focused heavily on the education system and the role that the schools, as well as the community as a whole, plays in raising a child.