Local Woman Celebrates 100th Birthday

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In the presence of about 200 close friends and family members, Margaret Hardin of Panama City Beach celebrated her 100th birthday Saturday at Saint Andrews Episcopal Church.

Margaret Hardin said, "It's wonderful. I'm seeing people I haven't seen for years and years."

Hardin was born in Liverpool, England, but she's lived in Bay County for most of her life.

Margaret Seeberger, her daughter, said, "She sailed to this country the week after the Titanic went down. She came when she was seven."

The centarian has two children, five grandchildren and two great grandchildren. She also has two sisters; one's 92, and the other is 94 years old.

Bob Hardin, her son, said, "My sons are very happy because they say the genes are just great, and they appreciate that."

So besides great genes, what else helped Hardin reach this milestone birthday?

"You just have to take care of yourself. Eat right and exercise. Get plenty of rest, and be happy! That's the main thing."

"She's upbeat. She's always positive and she keeps busy. She still plays cards. She still has a lot of friends."

And don't expect this avid bridge player to slow down anytime soon.

"She's so capable, both physically and mentally, and it's just been such a delight, and we're so happy that she's been able to have such a wonderful life."

Anna Beckham, a friend for 60 years, said, "Her mind is clear as a bell. She really is a wonderful lady."

And when asked to describe her friend in three words…

"Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. She's a special lady. I do love her."

Margaret's actual birthday was Friday. She says she didn't plan on living to be 100 years old, it just slipped up on her.