Missing Kids Safe in Swamp

Four children missing in Washington County Thursday afternoon have been found, and they are safe.

Washington County sheriff's deputies led a huge search for the children, after their parents reported them missing.

The kids left their homes in Sunny Hills to play in a nearby swampy area at mid afternoon Thursday.

The three boys and one girl range in age from 9 to 13 years. When they didn't return by nightfall, their parents called the sheriff's office.

Deputies brought in K-9 units. Officers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission brought in boats to search the swamp. Sunny Hills firefighters also came in, to help cover more territory.

Washington County Sheriff Bobby Haddock says the efforts paid off. "The dog team from the Department of Corrections, which is in Washington County, found the children in a heavily wooded area we call Mobile Swamp, which is a bad area. Apparently, the kids got turned around and didn't know direction of travel and got lost in the swamp. They're not originally from this area, so they were lost, and we found them just before this bad weather started setting in."

The children were checked over by ambulance crews on the scene, before they were taken to their homes.

Sheriff Haddock says teams from Chipley, Vernon, Wausau, Bay County, Department of Corrections and multiple fire departments helped with the search.