Social Status of Black Men and Boys

The unemployment rate for black males is 150 percent higher than white males in Florida. This is one of many statistics the Florida Council on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys would like to change.

This council met in Tallahassee today and is joining forces with local churches and nonprofit groups to help young black men succeed in life.

The council is promoting higher education, proper heath care and mentoring programs.

Council Chairman Anthony McCoy says the election of the country’s first African-American president has created more opportunity for many young black men.

“Things have really changed a lot. Opportunities are there in some ways that it was not there before. But the reality of it is, there’s a segment of the population that still needs some assistance and that’s where we come in.”

Apostle Jordan Williams with Trinity Deliverance Temple in Marianna attended today’s meeting to talk about reducing the recidivism rate and helping former felons find jobs and enroll in school. Williams says it’s been hard to find money to help the youth.

“Give the a record at an early age that’s going to hinder them for the rest of their lives, because first of all now in this day, it’s hard for them to get into college now, especially with a felony record and it’s hard to when they get a record and they just give them a fine make them pay a fine they don’t have jobs.”

The council has been meeting for two and a half years. It will release a report card on the status of black males in Florida next February.

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