County Leaders Meet With Constituents at PC Mall

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It was a field trip of sorts for county leaders.

Their location was the Panama City Mall, their mission: to answer questions from anyone that had one, kind of a way to take government to the people.

About 20 tables lined the center square of the Panama City Mall. On hand were county leaders from our elected commissioners to James McCalister, the superintendent of schools, all at the mall to answer your questions about what's going on in Bay County.

George Gainer, County Commissioner, said, "It's just a good opportunity for us to meet and greet and to talk to people out here about their county government and give them the answers to the questions they have."

Steve Moore with Bay County Parks and Rec. said, "We're asked about thinks like little league baseball, soccer, when those types of things start."

The event lasted into the afternoon. Officials say the chilly weather brought in a higher than normal crowd to the annual event.