Panama City Man Robs Philadelphia City Hall

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The mother of a Panama City man shot after robbing City Hall in Philadelphia last week says he was denied psychiatric help just hours before he entered the building.

According to Philadelphia Inquirer, the man's mother, Trashell Washington, says she spoke to her son, Charles Love Kelly, just hours before he invaded the city building.

She told the paper she spoke to her son's girlfriend on the night of the incident who told her, “they won't let him go in,” referring to Kelley's efforts to get help at a nearby hospital.

Then early the next morning, Kelly broke into City Hall, leaving religious messages for city officials and stealing a Bible and a knife.

Philadelphia police responded to the incident. The newspaper report says they tried to stun him, but didn't succeed, and according to the report Kelly charged towards the officers saying, “kill me, kill me,” and that's when they shot him.

Kelly's mother referred to her son as delusional in the report, saying officers overreacted when shooting her son. Now, according to Bay County records, Charles Kelley has a record with past convictions of criminal mischief and petty theft, among other changes.

His mother said he moved to Philadelphia to start over.