FEMA Issues New Flood Maps for Bay County

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recently issued new flood maps for Bay County. Officials say more than a quarter of Bay County that wasn't in a flood zone has now been added to the map. Panama City Beach is seeing some of the largest increases in property that has the potential to flood.

That will increase insurance premiums for homeowners across the county. But, local officials say you shouldn't panic if you get a letter from your insurance company. Tita Sokoloff, natural resources planner at Bay County's Planning and Zoning Department, says, "The first thing to do is call Planning & Zoning. We'll ask them a series of questions that will help them move towards being able to determine do I really need to pay a higher rate, and if I do pay a higher rate, is that the correct rate."

For more information, call Bay County's Planning and Zoning Department at 784-4024.

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