Free Flu Shot

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We're moving into the heart of the flu season, and the weather isn't helping those who are trying to stay well. One local clinic is helping out by giving free flu shots.

It's not as difficult to find flu shots as it was in 2005 or in 2006. In fact, not only can you find flu shots, but you can get them for free.

Community Health Center on Jenks Avenue received a federal grant of 300 flu shots, but on Monday the clinic gave away only 33 of their 300 shots. It seems not everyone is as anxious to get a shot as they have been in past years.

Frank Dean of Community Health Center said, "This seems to be a fairly mild season this year, and last year we had all the problems with getting the flu shots, and then they weren't any good."

Young children, senior citizens and pregnant women are still considered the high risk groups, but others should also be concerned.

Joann Munyon said, "My doctor advised me it's important when you're a diabetic to receive a flu shot. If you're diabetic, you don't wanna stress your immune system. You have enough trouble keeping your sugar in line on a good day."

Other risk groups include those with chronic health problems like heart or lung disease, asthma, diabetes or cancer.

Nursing home residents and health care workers should also get the vaccine. The Community Health Center still has more than 250 available shots.

The clinic's manager says they'll continue giving the shots out free of charge until the supply is gone. If you're interested in the free flu shots, call the Community Health Center at 747-5272.