Okaloosa County Unveils New Offender Watch Program

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Okaloosa County residents now have a faster and easier way of finding sexual offenders and predators in their neighborhoods.

Tuesday, the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office unveiled the startup of the new "offender watch" program.

The Internet resource allows you to register an Okaloosa County address with the website, and then sends an e-mail alert whenever an offender or predator moves within a one-mile radius of your area.

The site also covers areas around specific day cares, schools, playgrounds, and other places where children may be.

"When you're talking about the safety of our children, nothing's more important that that. Children, anywhere, should be the highest priority of any law enforcement CEO. I just felt that this was such a great system to keep everyone updated on what's going on in their neighborhood when you're dealing with the kind of people we're talking about here," said Okaloosa County Sheriff Charlie Morris.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office is the first law enforcement agency in the panhandle to take advantage of the program.

To access the new site, log on to the sheriff's web page at www.sheriff-okaloosa.org and click on the sex offender link.