Taylor's Neighbors' Reactions

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As you can imagine, some people who have lived near Harold Taylor for as much as 25 years were surprised about his arrest on Tuesday.

Others said they knew about his past and were not afraid of the man who admits he is a former Black Panther activist.

Tuesday’s news came with mixed feelings.

Harold Taylor has lived in the small Callaway neighborhood at the corner of Cherry Street and Swan Road for about two years. He and his family have called the tight-knit community their home, rarely mentioning his alleged criminal past.

Vickie Brown was surprised by the arrest and said, "He cooks out every three days a week, and I'll ask him what he's cooking. He'd say ‘ribs’, and I'd say, ‘ok, I'm coming over for supper’."

Some people in the neighborhood say Taylor and his family are as normal as it gets.

"They're just your average family, coming and going to school to work, school to work, cookin' out and just Christmas lights and the whole nine yards," Brown says.

All the children on the block play together, but some of homeowners say they had their suspicions.

"I was surprised, but not shocked," said one neighbor.

Some neighbors say, overall, Taylor was a good neighbor, but they describe him as reclusive, only coming out at night.

Harry Metivier said, "He was quite selective in the way he answered questions, and I don't mean any questions, I mean, day to day, ordinary friendly neighbor questions."

A retired Parker police officer who lives on Swan Road said he learned of Taylor's history in November.

Rockey Kummer said, "So I could keep my family aware because I wasn't home to protect them."

Kummer says he kept quiet until police could do their job, but he continued to let his daughter play with Taylor's young daughter.

Some are even giving Taylor the benefit of time, saying people change over 35 years.

"He probably thought he was in the clear since it happened so many years ago."

One of Taylor's neighbors says she found it odd that he was retired and not working, but had enough money to fly different places all the time.