Jackson County Woman Wins $15 Million Dollar Florida Lottery

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One Jackson County woman is the newest Florida Lotto millionaire.
33-year-old Dawna McAlpin found out this morning her $5 quick pick ticket was worth $15 million dollars.
She's not planning to quit her day job despite her good fortune.

She was still hard-at-work on Thursday despite her life-changing experience.
Alford resident Dawna McAlpin is Florida Lottery's newest millionaire.
She says she still can't get ahold of reality.
"It was shock, it was pure shock. I never in my life would've expected to get this kind of money."
McAlpin purchased the winning ticket on Wednesday night with these numbers.
She says she didn't know what to do when she found out she matched all six of them.
"I was crying, we were shaking, we paced back-and-forth, we fretted...there's just no explanation for how we felt then."
McAlpin immediately called her husband at 5am to tell him...
"I won $15 million dollars."
But he didn't believe her.
"No, cause I thought it was a joke."
Livingston drove down to the Handi Mart in Grand Ridge and found out it wasn't a joke at all.
McAlpin says her husband is the one who usually buys lottery tickets.
"I tell him not to play it, that he's never gonna win, people like us don't win this kind of thing. Lo and behold, I just happened to buy one."
"McAlpin says she purchased the winning lotto ticket just like this one through the $5 quick pick option here at the store. Not only is she a millionaire, the store will also be getting $40,000 from Florida Lotto.
Some customers celebrated her good news by buying some beer or...doing a little dancing.
But McAlpin isn't planning to quit her job as Handi Mart's store manager even though she's a millionaire.
"This money has to go to last me, to take care of my children and their children."
She also works two other jobs to support her four kids with her husband.
"Life goes on just like it has."
As for her husband, he isn't going to quit his hobby of playing lotto either.
He's hoping her good luck will rub off on him.

McAlpin opted for a one time payout of 8.6 million dollars.
She plans to use the money to finish remodeling their house and pay off the bills.

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