Two Arrested for Meth in Walton Co.

Jason Clayborn Hughes

An on-going drug investigation by the Walton County Sheriff’s Office into crystal-methamphetamine results in two arrests in the Darlington area.

Forty-year-old Jason Clayborn Hughes and his twenty-one-year-old girlfriend, Crystal Beth Williams, were taken into custody at a rural mobile home by Sheriff’s Narcotic Investigators over the weekend.

The couple’s arrest comes as the result of a probable cause search warrant developed from an eight-month long undercover investigation, and information provided by the Florida Department of Corrections.

One Sheriff’s official says Hughes and Williams produced a large supply of the highly addictive narcotic across Northwest, Florida and Southeast, Alabama.

Both suspects face a long list of charges. They include Manufacture of Meth, Possession of Listed Chemicals, Possession of Meth, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. In addition, Miss. Williams is being held on an out-of-state drug warrant for the Houston County Sheriff’s Office in Dothan. Hughes has an outstanding violation of probation charge as well. The drug raid may result in additional arrests as well.

A Walton County Sheriff’s Undercover Agent believes the arrest of Hughes and Williams will “cut down” on the supply of crystal-meth on Panhandle streets.

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