Crestview Guard Ceremony

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As Sgt. Thomas Houston prepares to leave his wife, children, and friends behind, he takes comfort in knowing his family is just a click away

“I got a laptop, it full of photos of the family, wife and kids and some of the memories that we’ve experienced the last year so when I’m there, I can sit back and see em and hopefully I get some new email pictures of watchin’ em grow."

The 653rd Signal Company in Crestview plans to pull out Saturday morning for Fort Stewart. There, they will leave for Iraq.

Friday, the city of Crestview held a ceremony for the soldiers as a sign of support, something Captain Ryan Price says is important.

“It definitely shows the soldiers that the community’s behind them, the state, the city as well as the federal government, that the cities behind them, it show them that there here to support us.

Soldiers who have been overseas say that support needs to be reinforced by communication with friends and family, no problem for the 653rd.

“This is a signal unit, therefore they have the capability of shooting signals to the states and getting cheaper phone bills believe it or not to the nearest military facility.

Sgt. Houston hopes that communication will pull him through

“You can‘t put words into being away for a year. I just pray and do my job so I can get back home safe.”