Lawnmower's Diet

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Maggie Louie and her husband run Lawnmower's California Coffee and Deli at 9722 Front Beach Road on Panama City Beach.

“The reason we started the lawnmower's diet was for people who are working 9,10,12 hours a day who have family or don't have family that just don't have time to prepare nutritious meals at home."

Louie says the plan is to approach healthy and nutritious living with a positive attitude and expect results.

"So our basic premise is good nutrition, use your mind, you can really think about it and figure this out and we have a whole system figured out so you can do this not only at our
restaurant, but also at home."

Newschannel Seven's meteorologist Greg Majewski is ready for the challenge and Louie is ready to help.

"I would say that Greg could lose 50 pounds, that's going to be my goal for Greg."

Louie sat down for a consultation with Majewski to plan his meals and determined all three meals will be prepared for him.

"I think for a lot of men that's the best way because they need to know they're not going to be in charge of any of their eating."

Majewski couldn't even remember the last time he ate a salad.

He warned her not to include spinach in any of the meals, and his exercise routine needed some tweaking.

"My goal at the end of this is to get down about 20-25 pounds, mainly not only to look better on air, the TV likes to add weight on camera, so we say."

Majewski has often found it difficult to maintain a diet or healthy lifestyle being married and the father of two, now, he's ready to start over.

We will be monitoring the progress of Greg throughout the next couple of months as he works to reach his goal. The lawnmower's diet costs about $5 per meal, which is $100- a month/per meal.

The diet includes one-on-one consultation and a daily evaluation.