Local Connection to Movie, Cold Mountain

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The new movie, Cold Mountain starring Nicole Kidman and Renee Zwelliger tells the story of a confederate soldier's journey home from war to the love of his life. But for one local woman the movie also hints to another story, that's the story of her late husband's ancestor, William Bartram. It's William Bartram's book that ultimately decides if the two movie characters re-unite.

The book, William Bartram's Travels is one of the first guides travelers could rely on when venturing into the then-unsettled lands that are now the American south. As such, it is the best guide for Cold Mountain's confederate soldier coming home to the love of his life, played by Nicole Kidman.

Sunny Hills resident Sue Bartram didn't shout in the movie theatre, but says she was excited and surprised to learn that the book by her late husband's ancestor was featured in the movie. Sue shares her pride with many other living bar-trams most of which are already very aware of their ancestor's accomplishments.

Those accomplishments are reflected in Philadelphia's historic Bartrams garden, a 1999 U.S. postal stamp, and many, many news articles.

William Bartram was the second Bartram to be acknowledged for his work as a botanist and explorer.

His father, john began the work after being commissioned to find medicine plants by England's King George the 3rd. And now that book is guiding characters on the big screen to find each other just as it guides Sue Bartram to share her family's pride in Sunny Hills.

The book, William Bartram's travels chronicles the author's journey starting in the late 1700's for more information on William Bartram, you can log on to www.bartramsgarden.org.

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