Westville Council Member Faces Drug Charges

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Holmes County sheriff's deputies searched a Westville man's home, after the man's neighbor complained about her dog being poisoned.

Deputies say they didn't find any poison, but they did find something else.

The man, who is a Westville City Councilman, is now facing drug charges.

Holmes County sheriff officials make a lot of drug arrests in Westville, but last week's drug arrest of Westville council member Rodney Martin is a first.

Sheriff investigators say they were looking for a chemical that may have been used to poison a neighbor's dog when they came upon an unexpected container.

"A plastic container on the property had several plastic bags common packaging for people who are selling marijuana,” says Holmes County Investigator Captain Harry Hamilton.

Long-time council member Patty Bowden-Smith says she doesn't like how martin's arrest reflects on the city or its other council members.

"I hate to know that one of our council members was arrested for anything, especially drugs. So many times that's all you hear about Westville on the news is just drug-related arrests,” Bowden-Smith shares.

No word yet on whether Rodney Martin will be removed from office, or whether his wife, who also sits on Westville’s council might be affected.

Sheriff investigators say they do not intend to charge her in this case.

Council members Rodney Martin and his wife, Angel Martin say they have no comment about the charges at this time.

Martin is also facing three wildlife-related charges, after deputies found dead animal carcasses on his property.