Local Insurance Agent Getting a Storm-Proof Building

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A local insurance agent is making sure he never loses his business to the fury of Mother Nature.

He’s working with local building contractors to put up a storm-proof building.

The two story office building will feature an apartment-style living space upstairs complete with an office generator to keep operation up during and after severe storms.

Special metal trusses will be able to withstand 300 mile per hour winds.

Building Owner Michael Lovchuk says the new office will actually have more insulation than your refrigerator. "I decided on my watch, for my customers, I wanted to make sure I had a hurricane proof building so that when we get hit with a category 2, 3, 4, 5 storm, the very next day, we will be up and running," he said.

Construction on the new building should be finished sometime in the next three to four months before hurricane season.