Veterans' Clinic Coming to Jackson County

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Veterans in Jackson County and surrounding counties will not have to travel quite as far to see their primary doctors anymore.

Veteran administration officials say they expect to build a new vet clinic in Jackson County by the end of this year.

A nearby vet clinic is good news for Warren Dempsey and about 5,000 other Jackson County veterans.

Many have to travel to long distances to see their primary care doctors.

"I know a lot of veterans, we all go to Tallahassee and some of them go to Lake City,” says Jackson County Veteran Warren Dempsey.

Travel time and travel costs aren't the only inconveniences for veterans.

"There is a backlog at existing VA clinics, back in 2001 about possible clinic in Jackson County,” Ray Carroll of Jackson County Veteran’s Service.

Veteran Administration officials haven't decided the exact location of the new vet clinic.

But veterans here say any location in Jackson County is better than the alternative.

Local veteran service officials agree and add that the new vet clinic will also benefit vets from Calhoun, Franklin, Gulf and Liberty County.

"It's gonna give them access to health care that they might not otherwise have because some of them are just unable to travel the distance."

The clinic will not be finished until late summer or early fall.

But veterans like Warren Dempsey are not complaining. They're already looking forward to shorter travel time and longer-lasting health.

Local veteran service officials say the new clinic will likely be staffed by two doctors, two nurses and some administrative staff.