Sewage Stink

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Hazel Pope's home along with two others along west 12th Court in Panama City became backed up with raw sewage on Dec. 30.

Now, the city has agreed to take care of the damages for all three homeowners while the cause of the sewage break is determined.

A private insurance adjuster visited the three houses Tuesday for an estimate of the damages while each chooses a contractor to clean-up and restore the homes to it's original state.

Meanwhile, down the street from these three is Teri Meier who owns a house at 1210 Buena Vista Avenue, her home was also filled with sewage a week earlier than everyone else.

Meier says she deserves more attention from the city, "When these people reported a problem two weeks later at that point, they (the city) had prior knowledge because of my situation. But, if they’re not related, that's where I'm confused with the situation."

The city says Meier is on a separate sewer line than the other damaged homes, Meier disagrees.

"They flushed it down that way, it backed up and I'm just confused that they do not see the two are related and they're not responsible,” Meier says.

The city says their insurance carrier sent inspectors out to Meier's house and determined the reason for the sewage back-up was a blockage off premises, declaring the city not at fault for any damages.

The city says they will run a camera down the sewer line, responsible for the three houses of sewage, Wednesday morning.