South Walton Lifeguard Tryouts

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The South Walton Fire District is getting prepared for lifeguard tryouts today.

Walton County commissioners and beaches of South Walton are working together again this year to make sure the sands are safe.

Twenty four full-time and a handful of part-time lifeguards will be hired and placed a six beach access towers.

Lifeguard hopefuls will be asked to swim 500 meters in 12 minutes or less. After passing that test, trainees will have nine days of lessons at the academy.

Fire officials say last year's implementation of the lifeguards were a tremendous success.

Gary Wise, SWFD Beach Safety Director, said, "Over the years, obviously the beaches of South Walton had gotten a bad reputation for being very dangerous. Any beaches, as tranquil as they may seem, most of the time can be dangerous, or are dangerous."

If you're interested in becoming a South Walton lifeguard, you can try out tomorrow or Monday morning at 8:30. Just show up at the South Walton Fire District on County Road 395, ready to hit the pool.

Lifeguard season begins March 10.