EMS Response

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The head of ambulance services at Bay Medical Center is disputing the claim by a former Panama City Beach police reserve officer, who says paramedics were slow to respond to a call on New Year’s Eve.

Steve Price was fired by Beach police officials for inappropriate behavior during a 911 call. He claims paramedics didn't take the call seriously.

Ambulance Services Director Randy Vick says that's not the case. Vick contends the average response time is seven to eight minutes anywhere in bay county, and that all of the vehicles are maintained or replaced on a regular basis. And all 911 calls are recorded.

"Everything is recorded so they tell the person what to do on the phone until the ambulance arrives, they're able to deal with life threatening emergencies,” explains Vick.

It is the recording of the 911 call that led Beach police officials to fire Price, who says if he had it to do over again, he'd respond the same way.