Jackson County Property Missing

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Somebody's stealing from Jackson County and the commission wants to know who it is.

Seven-air conditioning units and some copper wire missing from a county-owned building.

Jackson County Road and Bridge Superintendent William Morris has been on the job less than a year and already he's had to deal with two big political dilemmas. The first was an investigation against his decision to sell county-owned scraps to pay for an employee fish fry.

"But I was told by finance I couldn't do that, yes, I was cleared in that,” says Morris.

Now he's at the center of another investigation. But this time, he's the one pointing fingers.

"I don't understand why county can give the stuff away. I was brought under investigation for the same anything and this there's something going on,” Morris explains, “The fuses are anywhere from ten to sixty dollars, and all the fuses are missing, gone."

Breakers aren't the only things that have been gutted from this un-used county-owned building. All of its working air conditioning units and most of its electrical wiring is also gone. Commissioner Howard Glass who chose not to go on-camera for this story first brought the matter to County Administrator Ted Lakey who is now investigating the matter.

"One of our employees need to speak with isn't at work today, so it is an ongoing investigation, so I'd like to have no other comment,” says Lakey.

The county administrator would not elaborate on the investigation. But it is clear that county employees are being questioned, not necessarily for taking county property, but possibly for giving away what wasn't theirs to give.

No one is saying which county employees may be to blame for the missing county property, but it appears former employees may not be out of the question.

The state used to use the building to house work camp inmates. Most of it is in pretty bad shape.