New Diet Is Not So New for Local Restaurant

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Who needs Jared (Fogle) the Subway Guy to let you know if you need or want to lose weight? Local Subway's have joined in with many other restaurants in trying to help dieter's resolve their new year's resolution to lose more weight.

Subway is now serving sandwiches low in carbohydrates for those watching their weight.

"Two of the most important wraps have chicken and bacon and turkey with bacon," says Roshan Ayub. He is the manager of the Edgewater Shopping Center Subway in Panama City Beach. "We have certain amount of cheese and certain amount of bacon and chicken and all that."

Subway's new Atkins diet menu should help both business and customers.

"They can lose some weight on it," says Ayub. "So, that's why they keep asking for it."

As low-carb meals are just now being placed on different menus in Bay County, Sonny's is one restaurant which has been taking orders off its dieter's plate menu for over 10 years.

"You can get the chicken and all of it you want tied in with the salad bar," says local Sonny's owner Wayne Lindsey. "They can pick and choose from the salad bar which is real popular for the Atkins type people. We opened in 1987 and we've had it ever since then."

Sonny's is always looking to add something new to its diet plate, yet Lindsey says, "Basically, we stick to the barbeque and salad bar. Things that we do best."

Health officials estimate 33 million people are now on the Atkins or South Beach low-carb diets.