Immigration Local Reaction

President Bush’s proposal to give undocumented immigrants temporary worker status is receiving mixed reviews. Conservatives say the proposal goes to far, liberals say it does not go far enough.

Immigrants, such as Omar Lazaro, says Bush’s proposal to grant legal status to illegal workers would be good for many of his friends. Omar worries that the temporary legal status would run out too soon. Worst yet, he worried the proposal may just be an election ploy to get Hispanic votes. Others, such as Congressman Jeff Miller, say the proposal would reward people who have come into the country illegally.

The congressman says he has not seen the entire proposal, but he is inclined to oppose it. Rep. Miller, in town for a panhandle visit, says he is particularly concerned about illegal immigrants taking jobs from Americans. People involved in the local agriculture industry say the proposal is a good thing for farms and businesses that rely on immigrant labor.

The White House estimates the Bush proposal will impact 8 – 12 million legal and illegal immigrants here in the U.S.