COPD Research

If you are unfortunate enough to have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder also known as COPD there is some exciting news. A drug combo is giving new hope in the fight against the lung disease.

According to the American Lung Association, more than 122-thousand Americans, most of them smokers or former smokers, die annually from this debilitating, progressive respiratory illness.

It's now listed as the number four killer in the United States. A local doctor, Dr. Timothy Moriarty, is taking part in trials that are helping local folks breathe easier and live longer.

66-year-old Jimmie Curry had trouble even making it out to the mailbox. C-O-P-D had him struggling for breath. "Shortness of breath, tired most of the time”. He was basically house bound he was not able to do anything.

Curry knew he had to get help or he would die. “I had a sister who died last year old C-O-P-D, I had a brother to die about 5 years ago with C-O-P-D”.

Curry started treatments in 2000 but the good effects didn't last all that long and he just couldn't seem to kick his 34-year smoking habit. “I came to see Dr. Moriarty 2 months ago within a week of seeing him I hadn't felt so good in 4 years”.

Curry is taking part in a medical trial at the Emerald Coast Treatment Center. Dr. Moriarty says his first major step was to put down his cigarettes. “If you have lung disease - quit smoking... we have medicines now that can help you. The sooner you quit the longer your lungs are going to be able to serve you.”

After just a couple of months, Curry is doing so well his neighbors, who haven't seen him in quite a while, are amazed. “People in the neighborhood are raving - they want to know what he's been taking because he's doing stuff around the house - visiting neighbors.

"The medicine energized me, I'm not afraid to get in the shower being home alone. I don't feel faint anymore. I'm just energized all over again."

Some of the research for these new drugs is happening right here in our area under the direction of Dr. Moriarty. If you'd like to get more information you can call him at 785-6550.