Panama City Mall Face-Lift

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The renovations began last year, and more is coming to give the Panama City Mall a face-lift.

Kim Wise, the marketing director for the mall says the changes are worth the wait,

“We're putting down new tile, soft seating areas, the soft seating areas will be carpeted and we're putting up a serpentine wall with a mural on it at center court."

And that's not all, new furniture in the food court and a family restroom, along with a nursing area for women will also be added.

Wise says the renovations will provide a modern and comfortable atmosphere for shoppers, "It will be updated, we've always had a very pretty center here, the last time we renovated was '90 and completed in '91. It's been a good 13 years or so since the mall has been updated."

Don't worry, your shopping schedule can continue as planned with the construction being done at night, although some

Retailers will be changing spaces to add to the process.

"We have a couple people moving around, so just look for signage, as far as customers need to go to make sure they're in the correct area of the mall. We will keep the mall open regular hours, and just look forward to a new mall come August. So, if you'll just excuse our dust."