Truancy Court

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Bay county judge Allen Register will actually look at cases of chronically absent children, cases where school intervention failed.

On Wednesday, Judge register looked at six ceases. On child missed 58 days of school from early August to Dec. 3.

When the judge asked another child why haven’t you been going to school, she replied, “I just don’t like school.”

Now a child will go to truancy court if they have more than 15 unexcused absences in a 90 day period. There, the judge will work with school officials and the parents to find out what is keeping these kids of school.

Most sentences will consist of heavy monitoring of the child’s attendance by the court. Judge Register also ordered on child to an alternative school. However, in extreme cases where the parents are not helping to get the child in class, a parent could face fines up to $500 or even jail time.

Supervisor of student services Sharon Reeves says though, the court does not want to lock up parents, it wants to help them.

State law requires children ages six to 16 be in school. At that age they are minors so the responsibility to keep them there falls on the parents. Judge Register hopes the proceedings stress to parents and children the value and importance of at least a high school education.