Fire Family

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A Millville family is living on love after a fire devastated their home of almost 40 years. But the Nolin's count themselves as lucky to have the local family support as they rebuild their lives.

Last week’s fire is just the latest in a string of hardships for the Nolin family. But they are fighters. Diana Nolin says her 66-year-old parents both cancer survivors tried to battle the blaze themselves.

"The ceiling tiles were falling in on the top of her head and everything and my dad comes back there with his cane hobbling back there and all the smoke and all the fire and things falling and he's trying to help her fight it. They finally just said it's too late, we've got to get out,” explains Diana.

Diana and her brothers still living on the same street. Diana says it's having family nearby that's kept them alive in the past two years.

First mom, Lois beat breast cancer. Then dad, Ed Nolin lost his lung to cancer in 2002 after the surgery a staph infection left this foot long hole in his body. The 66-year-old depends on his daughter-in-law next door as his full time nurse.

"You know we keep thinking okay next year will be better, next year will be better. This year hasn't started off too good for us."

Building inspectors say the house can be rebuilt. But Diana says it seems the good news is always followed by more bad. The Nolin's insurance company has informed them their policy is cancelled. Apparently because of another small kitchen fire claim a few years ago.

“How can two 66 year olds start all over again?"

With all that has happened Diana says they are plugging away with lots of tears and lots of hugs. She is looking to the community to help rebuild the home she grew up in as medical bills have exhausted the family savings.

The Nolin's have an account at Regions Bank if you would like to help. But Diana says what they need the most are building materials to repair the home.

You can contact the family at 769-4581.