Panama City Doctor Fined for Alleged Affair

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A Panama City doctor has been fined 20,000 and placed on five years professional probation by the Florida Department of Health.

The final order for the consent agreement against Dr. Bryce Jackson came down this week.

The Obstetrician and Gynecologist, with offices on 19th Street, is accused of having sexual relations with one of his patients.

The complaint states the affair took place from January of 1998 through August of 2001.

The woman stated she tried to break off the relationship in March 2001, but she said Dr. Jackson continued to harass her, calling her on the phone, following her while she was on dates, physically and sexually assaulting her and even holding her hostage in her own home.

The woman finally filed a complaint with the Bay County Sheriff's Office.

Under terms of the consent agreement, Dr. Jackson has to pay a $20,000 fine to the state, pay almost $2,400 in investigative costs, will receive a letter of reprimand from the State Board of Medicine, and must undergo psychological therapy.

He also has to serve five years professional probation, which includes another doctor overseeing his practice.

During that period the OB/GYN is not allowed to examine or treat female patients without also having a female licensed healthcare worker present.

Dr. Jackson does not have to admit or deny any of the specific claims made by his former patient, under terms of the consent decree. However, if he violates the agreement he could lose his medical license.