Bonifay Fire Fatality

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Investigators are closer to identifying a migrant worker killed in a trailer fire Thursday morning. They're getting help from neighbors and the man's roommate, who escaped the deadly blaze.

Arnulfo Bonilla from El Salvador is happy to be alive after a fire destroyed his home. His Mexican roommate and co-worker weren’t so lucky.

Investigators are still trying to confirm the victim’s identity, a task that is complicated because there are no pictures or documents to confirm that he is in fact, Javier Gomez

Coping with death and the frustration of not being able to save a life is one thing. Judy Wainwright also has to explain death to her children who unfortunately saw more than they should have.

The images of Jose are particularly hard on Judy's 11-year-old son. The two were teaching each other their native language. The images will be even harder on Jose's family back in Mexico who haven't seen him for a while.

Both men were migrant workers who baled pine straw for a living.