Local Guardsman at State of the Union

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The Moss family is just glowing with pride after seeing their son on national TV Tuesday night during the State of the Union address.

Matt came home shortly before Thanksgiving after an attack on his convoy left a giant hole in his eardrum. Moss, who is studying to be a doctor, pulled his best friend out of the Hum-vee. That man, 21-year old Robert Wise, died in the attack.

Just last week Moss got the call asking him to be one of First Lady Laura Bush's personal guests.

"He got to have dinner with the Bush family and stay at the White House. He said he was really happy he went," said Maline Moss, Matt’s mom.

Proud mom says she couldn't believe when the camera turned on her son. Mrs. Moss says at first Matt didn't want to go because he was worried his uniform wouldn't fit. She says she's been cooking non-stop, fattening him up since he came home.

Matt’s eardrum is permanently damaged, so he'll most likely be released from service. He's starting school at Gulf Coast Community College in pre-med this summer.

Laura Bush invited members from all military branches to sit with her during Tuesday night's speech.