Apalachicola Featured in the New York Times

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We know the Panhandle has many beautiful seaside communities.

Well now thanks to a national newspaper article, the rest of the country will also know about some of those communities.

Apalachicola and several of its surrounding cities were featured in Friday’s Travel section of the New York Times.

Its good news for an often out-of-the-way destination.

Anyone familiar with the Apalachicola Bay know its beauty, serenity, and its seafood. Now thanks to a New York Times article, many more people will know about it.

"It's the forgotten coast. It's something people need see for themselves. It's really different. It's really quite and lovely,” comments Scott Wilson of Coombs House Inn.

Scott Wilson’s family owns the Coombs House Inn. The early 1900's, Victorian-style Bed and Breakfast is just one of several area businesses featured in the national travel article.

"Ever since it was printed we 20 or 30 calls already for reservations, " Wilson explains.

Michael Keller can't link any new business directly to the article yet. But he says he's sure will come.

You see, this isn't t first time his restaurant gets national attention.

"I'm sure we'll get a lot of activity. The first time we were in the Times, and brought it in that night for dinner and that was really cool,” Keller says.

But not everything that's featured in the New York Times travel article is a business. A park also made the list of 10 places to visit in the Apalachicola area.

Together, the list of 10 will likely bring in first-time visitors to the area. And while that's a good thing for business, it may not be such a good thing for tourists and locals that want to keep their discovery all to themselves.

Several shops and hangouts in Apalachicola’s downtown area were closed Sunday, but the New York Times writer assures us of their many unique offerings.