Jail Nurse Arrested on Drug Charges

A Jackson County Jail nurse is being charged with taking drugs from the jail's pharmacy. The nurse was arrested Monday afternoon. She had been put on administrative leave prior to an investigation by the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff investigators say Jackson County Jail nurse Stacy Neel took several bottles of prescription drugs from the jail's pharmacy. She was arrested just a few hours ago.

The allegations against jail nurse Stacy Neel involve more than one instance. Investigators say they are aware of several missing non-narcotic drugs and at least one controlled substance. The drugs apparently went missing the last eight months of 2003.

"The other medications are something that, while it's not alright to do, I think it's not as serious as we're talking about with the hydrocodone, which is very addictive," says Chief Lou Roberts of the Marianna Police Department.

"When you have prescription drugs or anything that says drugs itself and then you're talking about law enforcement, corrections, that's a big, big no, no."

Stacy Neel faces one count of possession of prescription medication and a felony count for possession of the controlled narcotic, hydrocodone. She will likely make her first appearance in court in the next two days.

This is the second investigation this year involving county employees. The Jackson County Sheriff's Office is also looking into some missing county a/c units and wiring equipment believed to have been taken by county employees.