Naked Cowboy Comes to Town in Style

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He is touring the country in nothing but his skivvies! You may have seen him before on MTV, Inside Edition or CNN. And now the Naked Cowboy is making a stop in our town.

It was not until he met a photographer in Venice Beach, CA that the cowboy knew how to get just he right exposure. “I went to the beach and played in my clothes and I was ignored the entire day. So, I played in my underwear and made hundred bucks, girls took pictures with me and I made the news. Said, the Naked Cowboy.

It was the bright lights of the big apple that finally gave him the exposure he craved. And now he is taking his show on the road, living out of suitcase, with only the bare essentials inside.

“Thirty-six pairs of underwear, boots and a guitar,” said the Naked Cowboy. It has not been all glitz and glamour for this cowboy. In his 13 days of touring he has been kicked out of seven towns, but he says Panama City has been very hospitable.

Naked Cowboy is on his way to the Super Bowl in Houston. He says he hopes to make a stop in Panama City again sometime this spring.